ISFJ weaknesses

  • Humble and shy. ISFJs are often reluctant to say what they truly think or present their achievements, especially in a competitive environment. This can hinder their career progress and cause frustration and disappointment.
  • Overload themselves. ISFJs’ perfectionism, combined…

frustration is my second name

i’m doing a pretty big research right now to understand whose russian translations of nabokov are better. but in the end i think i’ll be reading “the real life of sebastian knight” in english (though it probably will take much more time - reading “lolita” wasn’t easy at all)

ok i’m changing my opinion about “lolita”. seems like one of the most important reasons for me to not like this book was a lack of emotional attachment, which is actually rather stupid. because, obviously, a piece of art that makes you experience strong feelings is not necessarily good. i remember crying a lot while watching “mr. morgan’s last love”, but in the same time i was clearly understanding that this movie is a total piece of shit (etc etc, examples are numerous). so, you know. it depends. also i wasn’t comfortable with the fact that lolita’s image was so vague and remote. which is again rather stupid, because where it is said that her character should be fully described? humbert doesn’t seem to understand her, neither do the readers. she is more like an image of some kind of blind desire, attempts of humbert to come back in his childhood (etc etc, freud is happy). it’s actually very interesting. the central character here is definitely humbert, but the book is titled after lolita - that’s how humbert would name it. so here we see a mixing of author’s and the main character’s positions. and that’s rather typical for nabokov. and that’s really cool.
well, seems like i’ll be re-reading this book pretty soon.